Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

If you get into a car accident in Chicago, you may be entitled to a variety of different types of damages.

By contacting a local Chicago car accident attorney, you’ll learn that damages can go way beyond medical bills and physical therapy. In fact, depending upon the extent of your injuries, your family members may be able to collect too.

Here are some of the most common types of damages claimed following a car accident:

  • Medical expenses. These are the types of damages that most individuals associate with a car accident. Medical expenses can include treatment of minor injuries like bumps and bruises. These damages can also include the costs of much more serious treatment and rehabilitation, such as for people who suffer permanent disability or brain injuries. It’s important to keep all your receipts and bills for medical treatment as these can support your claim.
  • Pain and suffering. These damages are based on the type of injury, the seriousness of the pain suffered, and the prognosis for future pain associated with the injury. Pain and suffering may also include mental and/or emotional damage stemming from the incident, such as anxiety or stress.
  • Lost wages. Injuries resulting from a car accident may cause you to lose earning capacity for a variety of reasons such as lengthy hospital stays, taking time off to attend physical therapy, or injuries that permanently affect your ability to work. For a claim for future wages, you must be able to prove that the injuries have impaired or diminished your ability to earn money based largely on past earnings.
  • Loss of affection or companionship. If you are married, an injury could deprive you and your spouse of the ability to show affection, including sexual activity. Unlike other types of damages, loss of affection, companionship, and/or consortium are claimed by the uninjured spouse.

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