Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Halloween’s a hell of a holiday. Kids get candy. Adults get drunk. Everyone dresses up like an idiot. Sales of Mike Myers movies skyrocket.

(Fun tip: Busta Rhymes’ Halloween: Resurrection is by far the greatest of the series.)

Still, many label Halloween as the most dangerous holiday for children. Read onward to find out why.

Stranger Danger

This is cheating, as we already covered sex offenders on our Criminal Law Blog earlier this morning. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, do so. The short version: unless a sex offender is on parole or probation, he is free to dress in costume and hand out candy to children. Plan accordingly.


From 1990 to 2010, 115 pedestrians were killed on October 31, reports USA Today. That’s 5.5 deaths per Halloween (compared to 2.6 per day otherwise). Of course, that’s nationwide, so the odds of it happening are objectively slim. Still, with the number of kids out and the increased number of drunk drivers that come with every major holiday, it’s worth considering when planning your evening.


From oversized to lead surprise, costumes themselves can present a significant danger to your child’s well-being. Recently, a shipment of costumes from China was intercepted due to concerns over the amount of lead in the buttons and trim. Other costumes might present a fire hazard if they are not flame retardant. Dark costumes on dark streets and masks with poor visibility all increase the chances of auto-versus-pedestrian accidents.


This ain’t the razor blades in the chocolate myths of yore. This is more of the obesity epidemic. Americans are getting fatter. Candy exacerbates the issue. There’s also the issue of allergic reactions to peanuts and the other odd ingredients in unfamiliar candy. Perhaps you should just eat it all. It’s what’s best for the children.

(Another fun tip: chocolate contains tannins, which prevent bacteria buildup around the teeth! Chocolate is good for you.)


Seriously folks? This is a holiday. One of the greatest dangers to a child’s psyche can be overbearing parents. While it’s fine to take reasonable steps to make the holiday safer, don’t spoil the holiday. With a safe costume and a chaperone while trick-or-treating, the only illness likely to befall your child is a stomachache.

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