Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Chicago city council members are voting on a rule that prohibits student athletes who exhibit signs of a concussion from returning to a sport unless they have permission from a medical professional.

Public schools in Chicago are already asked to remove young sports players from the field if they show any symptoms of a concussion, including memory loss, headaches and dizziness. However, the new rule will also keep students from participating in sports practices or playing until they provide a note from a certified sports trainer or doctor that says they can return, according to Chicago Breaking News.

Dr. Hunt Batjer, a Northwestern Memorial Hospital neurosurgeon, said the goal of the measure “is not to eliminate sports, but rather to make youth sports safer.”

So far, two city council members have approved the new rule. If the measure receives a full vote from the Chicago city council, it would then be applied to all Chicago-area public and private schools that receive free water from the city. Any school that does not act in accordance to the rule will be required to pay for their own water bill.

Almost 100,000 people nationwide suffer severe brain injuries that can affect their ability to carry out everyday activities and require medical treatment. Individuals who suffer a brain injury from an accident, whether sports-related or not, may be entitled to compensation for the harm they received. A Chicago personal injury lawyer may review a plaintiff’s potential claim and determine if any legal remedies are available.

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