Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Nursing home residents can feel vulnerable. They may be dependent on nursing home staff for everything from medical care to being properly fed.

As a result, there are strict laws that apply to nursing homes which spell out residents’ rights. These laws are contained in both state statutes and federal Medicare laws.

Here are five rights that every nursing home patient should know:

  1. The right to medical care. You have the right to be informed about your medical condition, medications, and to see your own doctor. You can ask questions about proposed medical care and can provide input on the medical care you want provided. In addition, you have the right to refuse unwanted medicine and treatments.
  2. The right to be informed about nursing home services and fees. You should be notified about all services and fees charged by the nursing home. Just because you stay in a nursing home, this does not mean they can bleed you dry. The nursing home should let you know which services are free of charge and which cost extra.
  3. The right to privacy. You don’t give up your privacy rights simply because you move into a nursing home. You can maintain privacy over your own body, privacy in communications, and privacy over your belongings. Your confidential medical information should also be kept private.
  4. The right to manage your money. You can maintain financial independence in a nursing home or have a relative with power of attorney look over your financial matters. You do not give up the rights to your money when you enter a nursing home. And as stated above, nursing homes must be straightforward regarding fees and charges.
  5. The right to respect. You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. This can include protections against forms of misconduct such as verbal, physical, and psychological abuse.

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